Gold & Silk Skincare – for first signs of aging; Nanogold Silk Seige products


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Nanogold works by blocking the UVA radiation.

Therefore, it considerably reduces the formation of free radicals in the skin which damage the collagen structure of the skin causing skin to age prematurely.
To protect the skin and help in the regeneration process, gold particles in micro measure are bound in silk microfibre which coat every single collagen fibre.

Free radicals are absorbed and the collagen structure remains intact and wrinkles are reduced.
UVA radiation can be filtered almost by 100% for the first time using Nano technology: An innovation in the world of anti-aging research.
UVA is not the same as UVB radiation – Sun creams in comparison contain a light protection factor (SPF) which predominantly protects against UVB radiation and therefore providing protection against sunburn.

Nanogold DAY CREAM: AED 267 (code 2682)
Uvinul A Plus* acts as a protective outer cover and as the first barrier before the first UVA radiation strikes on skin. Aglycalr constrains the production of free radicals. Prevention & skin protection.

Nanogold NIGHT CREAM: AED 283 (code 2683)
Ingredient SYNr-COLL** supports the regeneration of original elasticity and resilience. Construction of collagen prevention and regeneration.

Nanogold FACE LOTION: AED 191 (code 2681)
Particulary rich skin toner.Light rose coloured, as Nanogold particles reflect the purple.

Nanogold CLEANSING CREAM: AED 191 (code 2680)
This specially formulated cleanser prepares the skin for the Nanogold treatment. By cleansing daily, day and night the Gold and Silk is transported.

SET of all 4 products: AED 879 (code 2684)

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